Objeto/Espacio no. 2 (2016)

for prepared/flawed string instrument / para instrumento de cuerda preparado/defectuoso

This piece belongs to a series of works which aim to be experienced in the same way a person experiences a found object or a new space. It is always a personal and particular approach: two people never scrutinize an object or inhabit a space in the exact same way: some people would want to explore a location very systematically, while others would just playfully bounce around it; some would focus on the shape of an item they just found on the beach, while others would take it home, break it, and keep only the parts that they find interesting. In these pieces, the performer and I create a sound world that can be inhabited freely.

This work is comprised of 1 Object/Space, 5 Variations, and 2 Bagatelas. The performer chooses how many of these will his/her performance include as well as the order, the repetition of some fragments, tempo, and bow placement.

Double bass player Eli Namay's version includes the following:

1.- Bagatela 1
2.- Bagatela 2 (first version)
3.- Variación 3
4.- Bagatela 2 (second version)