La mano izquierda es la que escribe las mentiras chiquitas (2016)

for tenor saxophone and electronics / para saxofón tenor y electrónica

I am right-handed, but I usually write things to myself with my left hand just for the sake of it. I have realized that when I write with my left hand —despite the childish calligraphy— I tend to treat words and concepts in a different manner than when doing it with the right one.

I wrote this piece with my left hand, but the idea of the work is to take the "left-handedness" beyond the writing: performance techniques, compositional processes, and the aesthetics of flaw—the title comes from something I wrote with my left hand some years ago.

The aesthetic approach of this piece is related to the psychoanalytic meaning that lies behind flaw. The sounds that shape it are unstable, brittle, and have some degree of unpredictability; the performer is asked to stand on impossible “frontiers” or borders, such as the one “between silence and pitch” or between one sound and many (when performing multiphonics). The concept of standing on inexistent “frontiers” and the result of its failure is the main seed of this piece’s sound world.


"La mano izquierda es la que escribe las mentiras chiquitas" (The left hand is the one that writes the tiny lies) was composed for saxophonist Brandon Quarles within the Claire Chase project at Northwestern University (Winter 2015-2016).

Raw recording—unmixed and unedited. Please listen with headphones or quality speakers. Special thanks to Riona Ryan for her chronometer Max MSP patch for synchronization between performer and electronics.